Yuasa Trial Park

Yuasa Trial Park

Introduction to Yuasa Trial Park

Yuasa Trial Park is a mountain with enduro, hard enduro, trial, and off-road courses.
Take a look at the videos on YouTube.

Please see below for the website and other information.

Yuasa Trial Park is managed by a motorcycle shop called “BHB Hirohata".

Therefore, you need to complete the procedures at BHB Hirohata in advance.
The fee for use is 1,000 yen per day, or 10,000 yen per year for annual use (annual contract).
If you are going to visit Yuasa Trial Park more than 10 times throughout the year, it will be more economical to sign up for a yearly contract.

Yuasa Trial Park is a very interesting course because it is used for trial races.
There are courses that even beginners can enjoy, so everyone can have fun.

There are many courses for practicing wheelies, running on rocky terrain, going up mountain roads, climbing hills, and going on hard roads.
There is sure to be something for everyone.

However, in order to go to Yuasa Trial Park, you will need to prepare a motorcycle.
You will need to arrange to rent a bike that specializes in off-road bikes, or buy a bike in Japan and store it somewhere….
Please refer to the following section for more information.

If it is difficult to arrange a motor cycle, please consider using a bicycle as well.
(The fee for bicycles is 500 yen per day. This is half the price of a motor cycle.)

The park opens at 9:00 in the morning and closes at 5:00 in the evening.
Yuasa Trial Park is a vast mountainous area, and it is very dangerous if you get lost or fall off a cliff and get stuck.
For this reason, please do not enter the park alone, but with more than one person.

Smartphones are almost impossible to use in the mountains.
There is no signal reception.
If you have a problem with your bike or vehicle, please first leave your bike or vehicle as it is, move to a place where you can get a signal, and contact BHB Hirohata.

※※※※※ Emergency Contact ※※※※※
090-2701-7154(Addressed to Hirohata)
0737-62-2905(Addressed to BHB Hirohata)

The rule is that everything is done at your own risk, from registration to dissolution.
Just remember that we are in the mountains, so there are many dangers lurking around.

Maps and distances, etc.

1638-1 Yamada, Yuasa-cho, Arita-gun, Wakayama

Before riding the course at Yuasa Trial Park, you need to go to BHB Hirohata to complete the procedures.
If you do not do so, you will be using the course without permission, which is illegal.
So, please find your way to BHB Hirohata first.
Please refer to the map below to find your way from BHB Hirohata to Yuasa Trial Park.


As mentioned above, in order to ride a motorcycle at Yuasa Trial Park, you need to have a motorcycle.
Most of the rental motorcycles in Japan are not allowed to be used on such mountain roads.
Therefore, you need to make sure that you are fully aware of this when using a rental motorcycle.

If you are interested in renting a bike, please contact BHB Hirohata to arrange for a cheap used bike or make your own arrangements.

The Yuasa Trial Park is also accessible by bicycle.
(The fee for bicycles is 500 yen per day.)
If you have a mountain bike or other bicycles available, please feel free to use them.
(The fee for bicycles is 500 yen per day. This is half the price of a motor cycle.)

Barbecues are not allowed in the Yuasa Trial Park.
Please note that fire is strictly prohibited.

You can only use tires that are standard equipment on production vehicles or tires that are approved for use on public roads.
Please note that the use of competition tires is prohibited.

Since the “BHB Hirohata" is closed on Sunday, you need to complete the procedure on Saturday.
Alternatively, please ask the officials to complete the procedure on Sunday, as they will be at Yuasa Trial Park.

Please take your trash with you and make sure that the course does not cause any discomfort.
In Japan, there are many courses and services that are built on good manners.
Although there are no strict rules, we all need to observe the manners and make efforts so that users can use the course comfortably and the management company can operate it comfortably.
Please be fully aware of this.

Yuasa’s special products and sightseeing spots

Soy Sauce of Yuasa

Yuasa is famous for its soy sauce.
In order to get to BHB Yuasa, you need to take Route 42.
There are many stores selling soy sauce along this route.
The soy sauce sold at all the stores is delicious.

The taste is completely different from the soy sauce sold in supermarkets.
If you like Japanese seasonings, you will like it very much.

If you ever come to Yuasa, please buy some soy sauce as a souvenir.

Arita City cutlass fish

If you go north from Yuasa, you will find Arita City.
Arita City has the largest catch of cutlass fish in Japan.
There is a restaurant called “Rice Field" that serves very good cutlass fish.

After working up a sweat at Yuasa Trial Park, how about some delicious cutlass fish?

Seafood of Kushimoto

If you continue south from Yuasa, you will reach Kushimoto City.
It is a little far. ^^;

Kushimoto City is a coastal town and is famous for its seafood and marine products.
The area has many restaurants serving delicious seafood.

It is also an area with many tourist spots, including a national park.
Please visit this area at a different time than when you visit Yuasa Trial Park.