Rounding Awaji Island, also known as “Awaichi”


Rounding Awaji Island, also known as Awaichi


Introduction to the Awaji Island Round Trip Course

Awaji Island is located in Hyogo Prefecture and consists of three cities: Awaji City, Sumoto City, and Minami-Awaji City.
Kobe City and Awaji City are connected by the Akashi Kaikyo Bridge, making it possible to come and go.

To enter Awaji Island from Kobe City, you need to go through the Akashi Kaikyo Bridge or take a ferry with your motorcycle to enter Awaji Island.
To enter Awaji Island from Tokushima Prefecture, you need to go through the Onaruto Bridge or take a ferry to Awaji Island.
The Onaruto Bridge and the Akashi Kaikyo Bridge are classified as expressways, so only motorcycles of 125cc or larger can pass through them.
Please note that motorcycles of 125cc or less need to enter Awaji Island by ferry in order to ride on the island.

The “Kobe-Awaji-Naruto Expressway" (expressway) runs through Awaji Island and connects to the “Onaruto Bridge" or the “Akashi Kaikyo Bridge". Passing through the Onaruto Bridge, you will enter Naruto City, the Onaruto Bridge in Shikoku, and passing through the Akashi Kaikyo Bridge, you will enter Kobe City.

Awaichi is a course that does not go through this expressway, but circles the island only by ordinary roads.

The general road, which is not an expressway that passes through the center of Awaji Island, is a city street, and the course around the perimeter of Awaji Island is considered a tourist spot, with many tourist facilities.

The turnaround point for the round trip around Awaji Island is the “Roadside Station Uzushio" or the “Uzunooka Onaruto Bridge Memorial Museum".
After entering Awaji Island from the Akashi Kaikyo Bridge (whether you go clockwise or counterclockwise), you will turn around at either Michi no Eki Uzushio or Uzunooka Onaruto Bridge Memorial Museum.

The standard route is to start at “Michi no Eki Awaji", turn around at “Michi no Eki Uzushio" or “Uzunooka Onaruto Bridge Memorial Hall", and return to “Michi no Eki Awaji".

Maps and distances, etc.

A round trip around Awaji Island is about 150 km, and it takes about 4 hours including breaks.
There are convenience stores, roadside stations, and rest facilities, so you should not have any trouble.

We have created a reference route for you to follow.


The most difficult point to find your way around Awaji Island is the country road (road with few guide signs) that starts heading north after leaving “Roadside Station Uzushio".
We also took the wrong turn many times and had to check the map on our smartphones… (laughs)
If you use a smartphone holder to look at the screen of your smartphone as you go, you are unlikely to make a mistake, but if you don’t look at the screen as you go, you might want to stop occasionally to check the map.

Awaji Island is often circled by bicycle, and events are held there.

Because of this, many of the facilities and local residents are very understanding, and if you ask for directions, they will usually tell you.
So, even if you take a wrong turn, it won’t be a big problem.

On the way back, the Akashi Kaikyo Bridge is closed to motorcycles when strong winds blow.
The following page shows the situation in a timely manner.

The above page contains traffic information for motorcycles on the Kobe-Awaji-Naruto Expressway, Seto-Chuo Expressway, and Nishi-Seto Expressway, so please check it on windy days.

If you want to enter Awaji Island using a ferry, please do a google search for “ferry, Awaji Island" to find a ferry.

Local specialties are onions and octopus.
If you are going to have lunch, we recommend that you eat rice related to onions and octopus.
Also, if you want to snack, you can have a hamburger (Uzushio Roadside Station is famous for this), which is an easy way to eat local specialties.
If you’re going to do an awaichi anyway, be sure to eat the local specialties before you leave.

There are also several riders’ cafes, so why not stop by one of them?

Sightseeing spots, cafes, and restaurants


”Nazo no Paradise" is a spot that became famous when it was featured in a TV program called “Detective Night Scoop".
However, there is nothing special about it, so it is not a place that you should definitely visit.^^;


This is a facility where you can see Japanese monkeys.
There is also a restaurant called “Chariko" in the building.


Chariko is a restaurant attached to the Monkey Center.
It is a convenient place to eat if you are visiting the Monkey Center.

道の駅 あわじ

道の駅 福良

道の駅 うずしお

うずの丘 大鳴門橋記念館

アフターベース シュプリームの壁

It has become a popular spot for taking pictures of motorcycles.

秘密基地 akari

ライダーズカフェ あわじ

バイカーズカフェ チルコロ