News Letter January 2021

News Letter January 2021

Hello everyone.
I’m Hayax, a rider and writer for EJMC.

I will be writing a “News Letter" as part of the EJMC contents.
In addition to uploading tourist information, I also collect various information, and I would like to share what I have seen and thought about there.

Also, there may be some current events or things that are not related to motorcycles, but I would like to distribute this newsletter so that everyone can read it on a regular basis.

As the January 2021 issue of EJMC News Letter, I would like to explain five topics related to motorcycles.


About EJMC’s shooting video

We may have used some videos in our content that we have no problem sharing, but we have filmed and edited all of the explanatory videos ourselves.

We may use some of the videos in our content that we have no problem sharing, but we will film, edit, and upload all explanatory videos to our YouTube channel.

If you are interested in touring or sightseeing by motorcycle in Japan, please subscribe to our channel for reference.

In the future, we may ask an outside company to edit our videos, but first, we would like to provide you with information from our perspective.

About the creation map used in EJMC

We use Google Maps to create routes for touring and sightseeing.
However, the routes created on the map do not necessarily have to be followed.
We hope that you will use the routes on the map as a reference to help you set your destination.

If you are unable to look at the information on your phone while driving, please stop occasionally to check the map.
By using the “phone holder", you can place your phone on the handlebars of the bike.

About this winter’s situation

This winter has been a winter of frequent snowfall.
It’s almost impossible to ride a motorcycle on the Sea of Japan side. ^^;
I think there are many areas where you can’t ride a motorcycle from January to late March.

The higher the elevation, the more snow there is in many areas.

Even if the weather is fine in the morning, it may start to rain in the evening, so please make sure to look at the weather forecast beforehand when riding a motorcycle during this period.

The most common motorcycle accidents in Japan

In Japan, the following types of motorcycle accidents are the most common “rollover accidents" and “right-of-way accidents".

At intersections, check for vehicles waiting to turn right even when the light is green, and if there is any sign that a vehicle is about to appear, or if the vehicle has not come to a complete stop, use your high beams or honk your horn.

About my motorcycle history

Lastly, I would like to write about my motorcycle history.
I got my regular motorcycle license in February 2019 and my large motorcycle license in March 2019.

  • Aprilia RS4(125cc)
  • YAMAHA BOLT(950cc)
  • kawasaki ZX-10R(1000cc)
  • YAMAHA SEROW250(250cc)

The places I often go touring are various places, mainly in Kansai.
In 2020, outside of Kansai, I’ve been to Fukuoka Prefecture, Aichi Prefecture, Gifu Prefecture, Fukui Prefecture, Okayama Prefecture, Shizuoka Prefecture, and Tokyo.

In 2021, I would like to try to go to areas that I have never been before.
Mainly, I would like to visit Kyushu, Shikoku, and Hokushinetsu area.

I would like to continue to provide you with fun touring information, so please keep in touch.

At the end

That’s it for the first Nwes Letter.

I have been going to various places for touring every week, but I have rarely met foreigners visiting Japan in my destinations.
In 2020, there will be an impact from the new coronavirus, but there were no foreigners visiting Japan in 2019 as there were in 2020.

That’s why I thought it would be great if non-Japanese nationals could come to Japan to ride motorcycles just by looking at our website, and that’s why I created this website.

We will continue to provide information with this in mind, so please do not hesitate to contact us.








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